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Moving forwards…2017

The groupH team would like to say Thank You. This short video is an art installation bringing light / season / sound and biology together and from the outside resembles a bee hive that is made up of thousands of little hexagons. If you know in which London borough this installation is currently located, e-mail […]

Does the EU price of Strimvelis create a new ‘glass ceiling’?

The recent announcement of the European authority’s pricing strategy for Strimvelis, the world’s second approved gene therapy, is in line with the predictions groupH made a year ago in “Nature Biotechnology” – but does Strimvelis prove our point or is it a one-off? In our article, “The Payers’ perspective on gene therapies”, we suggested that […]

Real World Pharma – Affordability vs. Cost Effectiveness. Impressions from 18th ISPOR in Milan

Attending ISPOR when keeping your ear to the ground in Market Access matters is non-negotiable. And this year was no exception. Noticeable to us was that many presentations and workshops revolved around two important and related concepts: affordability and uncertainty. Here is some background. Affordability is very different from cost effectiveness. Cost effectiveness is often […]