We support commercial decision making

At our heart, we deliver analysis and insights to help our clients manage their portfolios and develop their businesses, supporting commercial decision making and identifying new opportunities.

Experience Counts

At groupH, we believe we can deliver greatest value to our clients by bringing together a group of highly experienced pharma industry experts all motivated to make a difference both to people’s lives and to our clients.

You know that when working with groupH, you won’t be delegated to a junior person but talk to one of the very experienced core team members.”
Global Brand Manager, Top-10 Pharma company

Early to Mid-Stage Specialists

We specialise in early to mid stage clinical opportunities. Our groupH team members have a deep understanding of the key decision points and the data/insights/analysis required to support these decisions. We are also very aware of the commercial constraints within which our clients are operating at this stage of an asset’s evolution.

groupH is one of the few agencies that I work with who can conduct the secondary analysis, primary qual and primary quant and combine it in a meaningful way for early stage assessments; also at a price point that is appropriate for early stage work.
Top-10 Pharma company

Broad Pharma and Biotech Client Base

Our insights and advisory services support commercial decisions made across the healthcare industry. We work with a wide range of large and mid-size pharmaceutical companies as well as many emerging and established biotech firms. We are happy to work in a conventional client/agency relationship manner. We also have experience working in-house as an extension of your team.

groupH is a trusted partner, with highly-skilled people, able to deliver strategic and actionable insights with clear recommendations.
Market Research Analyst, Mid-Size Pharma Co

Hands-on Approach

At groupH our clients benefit by working directly with the same person who will be directly responsible for planning, managing and delivering the projects. Our hands-on approach and extensive experience means we can understand your needs, determine the most appropriate research methodologies, analyse the findings and ultimately distil the critical insights and recommended actions that matter for you.

The fact that groupH is a boutique agency was an advantage to us, because it meant we could get a tailored approach to our project, great flexibility and direct access to their senior researchers.
Global Brand Manager, Top-10 Pharma company

Integrated Multi-Stakeholder Perspective

Experience allows us to select the most appropriate stakeholders for your project according to the environment in which you are likely to operate. This may be the views of global opinion leaders, key prescribing physicians, general hospital physicians, local GPs or nurses. In addition to these important clinician views, we will also factor in the views of payers and patients where appropriate This ensures that your products have the greatest possible chance of commercial success when they come to market.

Alignment of all stakeholders from patient, caregiver, KOL and payers made the outcome of major interest for us. It paves the way to understand patient flow, expectation and future outcomes integration in our pivotal trials.
COO, European Biologicals company

Thought Provoking Style

At groupH, we pride ourselves on bringing clarity to the decisions our clients make by providing insights that address business critical questions. We seek to provoke new thinking and challenge assumptions based on the insights and evidence that our research generates.

groupH immediately demonstrated an ability to identify and analyse the key strategic and commercial issues, and showed an impressive understanding of the drug development process. We would seek to engage them again without hesitation.
Leading private equity firm