The Early Days

groupH was set-up in April 2005 by Erik Holzinger, leaving his role as Principal at professional advisory firm Wood Mackenzie’s London City office. The early days focused on building a virtual network of professionals with the experience and skills to successfully engage in and complete opportunity assessments for novel Rx treatments developed by the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry. Erik felt it was time that the professional services industry, and the consulting industry in particular, change the way it viewed itself and how it collaborated with biotech, speciality Pharma and Big-Pharma clients but also how the team members worked with each other. The virtual model was relatively new at the time but proved the perfect vehicle to bring the right expertise to each engagement. Importantly, nurturing a culture of shared values made this model work and attracted both, new associates and more senior members to the core team.

Team Building

Iain Clark, a former colleague from Wood Mackenzie, joined groupH as co-director in 2008. Sara Uttley joined the core team from AstraZeneca in 2013 bringing a blend of primary and secondary experience that focusses on the development and articulation of commercial assessments – delivering compelling insights which can be clearly communicated to a series of internal stakeholders to drive business decisions. Nicolas Touchot was welcomed in 2013 reflecting the importance of market access and payer consultations as part of early clinical development decision making and adding leading market access methodologies and cutting-edge insight to the team.

Global Coverage

In 2016, groupH set up groupH Inc. in San Francisco to further grow our North American operations. In 2018, we welcomed Zach Donnell PhD to the San Francisco office in his role as core team member and expert in market opportunity assessments and disease area strategy across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Collaborative Alliances

Today, groupH continues to pursue growth and developing its network of experts through successfully collaborating with individuals or to enter key-strategic partnership such as with e.g. Boston-based Chris Serjak from ALIGN2ACTION and California based-Reid Bengard from Aquest Research.