How We Work


Every project starts by working closely with our client to fully understand their needs – both in terms of the business decisions that they are looking to inform but also to look at the way in which they want to work with groupH – whether it’s a review of secondary data sources to generate a market overview, a highly focused piece of primary research, or an in-depth analysis and recommendations to expand the capabilities of a small in-house team.


Our goal is to help support your decision making by driving towards recommended actions to realise your opportunities. We also agree upfront how often you want to interact with us and your preferred working style.

Optimising the Approach

We call on a comprehensive toolkit of methodologies and services to deliver these insights from gold standard research techniques to proprietary tools that we have developed ourselves.

“What differentiates the groupH team?  Commitment. We are not just another client. They are really working on the project and are focused on the impact of their work. This is unique in my experience.”

Mid-Size Biotech