We bring together deep scientific, clinical and commercial experience in the healthcare sector

At groupH’s heart is a team of highly experienced individuals with years of commercial, clinical and scientific experience. Many have worked across the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors in roles similar to those our clients now perform; meaning we understand the opportunities, challenges and pressures our clients face.

We pride ourselves on attracting and retaining top quality researchers, analysts, consultants and facilitators who really understand our clients’ issues and who are totally committed to providing insights that will help drive their clients’ businesses forward.

Core team takes the lead

At our heart is the groupH core team whose members have successfully delivered hundreds of projects over the years. We draw on our experience to pull together bespoke project teams and to deliver projects on time and on budget. Most importantly, we ensure that the project’s conclusions provide actionable insights and strategic recommendations on which clients can base their decisions.

Flexible Network

Our flexible network of associates spans multiple geographies. groupH also has a carefully selected network of trusted strategic partners that complements our geographic strengths and capabilities. Together, we can deliver projects in all major and key emerging markets.

Diverse Perspectives

The groupH team aren’t just skilled professionals; we also have passions and interests which allow us to bring diverse perspectives to bear on our work. Our clients tell us that this also makes us more fun to work with – something that matters when you are bringing together a team to deliver a demanding brief to a tight deadline!

We invite you to get to know us

Core Team