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groupH’s Guide to EPHMRA 2024

9th June 2024/by Danijela Jonjic

Organising the Forecasting Process in Large Organisations

9th June 2024/by Danijela Jonjic

ISPOR Conference “HEOR: A Transformative Force for Whole Health” Atlanta, 2024

23rd May 2024/by Danijela Jonjic

Event Summary “German Chapter Meeting” Berlin, April 2024

14th May 2024/by Danijela Jonjic

Seasons Greetings 2023

20th December 2023/by Danijela Jonjic

Happy Holidays from the groupH team

14th December 2023/by Danijela Jonjic

ephmra’ s Webinar: Inflation-Reduction-Act (IRA) – What is the Commercial Impact?

26th November 2023/by Danijela Jonjic

End-of-Summer 2023

26th October 2023/by Danijela Jonjic

ephmra’ s Forecasting Forum: Is the halo effect a ghost or real?

25th October 2023/by Danijela Jonjic

Join groupH’s discussion on TPP Development and Indication Prioritization at the NPP Summit Boston

10th October 2023/by Danijela Jonjic

Event Summary “Using AI to Power Insights and the Business” Basel, September 2023

29th September 2023/by Danijela Jonjic

Data Collection, Analysis and Communication Masterclass – Part 2

27th September 2023/by Danijela Jonjic

Supply Chain Forecasting Webinar July 2023

6th July 2023/by Danijela Jonjic

Event report 2023 ephmra Annual Conference

2nd July 2023/by Danijela Jonjic

ephmra 2023 Annual Conference London

16th June 2023/by Danijela Jonjic

Data Collection, Analysis and Communication Master Class Part 1: Questionnaire considerations, from basic to conjoint

26th February 2023/by Danijela Jonjic

Happy Holidays from the groupH team

16th December 2022/by Danijela Jonjic

Prof. Paul Goodwin presenting at ephmra’s Forecasting Forum November 11th, 2022

11th November 2022/by Danijela Jonjic

Invitation for an open discussion on Forecasting Best Practices Across Product Stages

1st November 2022/by Danijela Jonjic

Meet us in Leipzig, Germany at BIO-Europe: 24 – 26 October 2022

22nd October 2022/by Danijela Jonjic

2022 : groupH remains carbon neutral

15th January 2022/by groupH

EphMRA Forecasting Forum – A Discussion with Richard Murgatroyd from Roche

6th May 2021/by groupH

2021 : groupH becomes carbon neutral

12th January 2021/by groupH

Seasons Greetings 2020

18th December 2020/by groupH

The Human Side of Forecasting – Avoiding pitfalls facing Business Review Committees

26th October 2020/by groupH

Post CoVID-19: a new normal for carbon emissions in Pharma Market Research?

5th October 2020/by groupH

Forecasting & Data Analytics – highly informative webinars to help you during and beyond COVID-19

18th June 2020/by groupH

A message from the directors – Covid 19 / groupH operating normally

26th May 2020/by groupH

Seasons Greetings 2019

18th December 2019/by groupH

groupH Christmas Celebration 2019

15th December 2019/by groupH

New Directions in Forecasting – Half-Day Event in Ingelheim: 11 October, 2019

16th September 2019/by groupH

New Directions in Forecasting – Roundtable at EphMRA 2019 in Warsaw, 26 June

30th May 2019/by groupH

groupH springtime gathering

29th March 2019/by groupH

groupH seasonal gathering 2018

21st December 2018/by groupH

Looking for and Quantifying Value in Rare Diseases: 6th November, 2018

3rd December 2018/by groupH

groupH family day picnic

10th September 2018/by groupH

New Directions in Forecasting – Roundtable at EphMRA 2018 in Basel, 27 June

8th May 2018/by groupH

Meet us in San Francisco at Biotech Showcase: 8-10 January 2018

20th December 2017/by groupH

Season’s Greetings 2017

12th December 2017/by groupH

Join groupH in Amsterdam at EphMRA: 20-22 June, 2017

8th June 2017/by groupH

Introducing Joy Mabon and groupH Inc.

2nd June 2017/by groupH

Moving forwards…2017

1st December 2016/by groupH

groupH at World Orphan Drug Congress, Brussels, 15 – 17 November, 2016

5th October 2016/by groupH

groupH in 2015 and beyond…

1st December 2015/by groupH


20th November 2015/by groupH

groupH is now at

1st October 2015/by groupH

groupH’s first family day picnic – a good time was had by all!

1st September 2015/by groupH

Silver Opti Regatta 2015

10th June 2015/by groupH

Experience the new Reading Room at the Wellcome Collection

1st June 2015/by groupH

Turning Ten

1st April 2015/by groupH

2014 … a year in 2 min 14 sec

10th December 2014/by groupH

2014 … a year in 2 min 14 sec (Behind-the-scenes commentary)

1st December 2014/by groupH

A time for giving: Christmas 2012

1st December 2012/by groupH

groupH’s Christmas Story

1st December 2010/by groupH

groupH’s Christmas Story: Assumptions & References

1st December 2010/by groupH