groupH – New Product Planning Tools

groupH has developed a number of tools that may be helpful at the early, mid- or late stage of New Product Planning. The tools offer directional insights for your asset in areas such as anticipated US Gross-to-net discounts, anticipated US peak patient share and market access potential and pricing and are based on extensive PMR (primary market research) and secondary analysis (for details please refer to the Tool Guide for each tool)

Devil's advocate tool logo

‘Devil’s Advocate’ Tool

Allows for quick analysis of the pipeline
and a high-level estimate of the peak share potential of new products.

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Gross-to-Net Tool (US)

Designed for the US market, this tool will help you generate an expected Gross-to-Net result for your specific product.

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MAPPI (Market Access Potential and Price Index) Tool

Developed to enable the evaluation of market access potential, and its impact on investment decisions and NPV valuations.

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