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We work with a wide variety of functions including Business Insights, Marketing Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence and Business Development to better qualify, quantify and prioritise commercial opportunities, for a product, indication, therapeutic area or geographic region.

A strength in (and passion for!) analytics combined with in-depth primary research and trusted internal or external secondary sources underpin groupH’s work. We will frequently augment this work with triangulated data and by developing different scenarios.

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Creating a strong foundation for evaluating opportunities for products and portfolios is a valuable starting point for developing and refining your strategy. Whether you are looking to in-license a drug in a less familiar therapeutic area, or exploring new indications for an existing asset, we can help you rapidly and efficiently build the context you need to understand and evaluate your options.

We will start with secondary research but can add insights from healthcare professionals including the increasingly important perspective of potential market access challenges or issues. We will also review the competitive landscape to ensure that both the opportunity and the level of competitive threat have been fully characterized.

We can help you take an holistic view across your assets by evaluating the opportunities and challenges to build or enhance your strategy in a specific disease area. We ensure that a holistic view is taken across your target disease area, reflecting the perspective of payers, healthcare professionals and patients and factoring in market access, competitor and other challenges.

Our qualitative and quantitative research, SIMALTO /Attribute analysis and other research skills are used to build a detailed picture of the opportunities and challenges. We build onto these insights structured recommendations and options to help you optimise your disease area strategy.

Whether you are seeking to target your early stage TPP, at at the greatest area of unmet need, looking to validate your planned approach or seeking to refine it to inform your Phase III clinical trials, we can help.

Expert at accessing the right healthcare professionals to inform your product profile, we can use the analytical techniques that will set you on the path to a successful product launch. We can also help you quantify the potential value of your TPP by indication, patient segment, pricing and other considerations to inform your investment decisions.

This is the process of evaluating an opportunity to determine whether there is sufficient strategic, clinical, and financial merit for continued consideration and development. Demand assessments can be carried out at any stage of a product’s lifecycle from early stage development through to lifecycle management as new indications are considered.

What is common to research at every stage in the lifecycle is the desire to design an efficient and effective approach which details the opportunity from a numerical perspective yet is underpinned by a line of sight to the underlying rationale.

groupH has developed a simple, yet effective approach to address both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of demand assessments into one tailored, efficient and effective process which fits to the timescales and budgets of early stage assessments.

Early planning in the product lifecycle offers the best opportunity to realise your target pricing and reimbursement for a novel treatment. Optimal planning involves taking a 360 degree view to understand the needs of all key stakeholders – regulatory authorities, payers, patients and their representatives. The resulting insights help identify pricing and reimbursement considerations when planning Phase II trial design and aspirations.

Insights from senior payers can also validate or challenge your existing views to help you refine critical assumptions. These can have a major impact on the commercial forecast model. This is particularly important in treatments where no established reimbursement mechanisms exist yet e.g. in rare disease and orphan drugs and for gene- or other regenerative therapies. Existing or future investors, shareholders and business partners will also value early clarification on whether or not your product is likely to face a ‘payer hurdle’ and will help you identify ways to add to the value of your asset.

Developed over many years, groupH’s senior payer relationships in key markets, will help you steer the development path in the right direction. We may also be able to offer you an opportunity to engage with them in a virtual ad-board type format so you can learn first hand about their issues, ideas and suggestions.

Our competitor role-play workshops can help your team to understand how competitors are approaching an indication, and how their plans and actions could shape the market. By building this understanding of the evolving competitor landscape, we can work together to identify key threats and opportunities for your product and develop ‘go forward’ plans.

Our facilitated meetings enable you to challenge or pressure-test current thinking, build alignment across your internal stakeholders, make decisions, and develop plans.

groupH’s services combine established processes and experienced workshop facilitators, with detailed competitor profiling, in-depth scientific analysis, and strategic commercial thinking. Our goal is to support you in preparing a future road map or action plan developed with and backed by your team.

The future is uncertain and unpredictable. groupH can enable you to plan more confidently for the future by helping you develop market scenarios that describe possible future alternative ‘worlds’. Our highly interactive process is tailored for each market or indication.

We start by working with your team to develop these scenarios, and then analyse each scenario to understand how the ‘standard of care’ could evolve, what unmet needs remain, and what challenges and opportunities exist for new therapies.

Our workshops give your teams an opportunity to explore, debate and further refine ideas in an engaging and creative way. Working through different factors or scenarios in a group helps build alignment much more effectively and efficiently.

In all cases, these workshops are underpinned by rigorous and thoughtful preparation to ensure that the team gets the maximum value and insight out of their time together.

We have the flexibility to deliver quick-turnaround assessments as well as indepth analyses based on extensive research depending on your time horizon and budget. Naturally we start with secondary research to pull together the available information. Where possible, we will use a combination of preference share data and attribute analysis from market research with treating physicians as well as analogue data to provide insights based on similar market and product relevant attributes. We believe that that analogue data provides a useful sanity check and benchmark to the other predictive approaches.

Our deep understanding of how Business Development works offers many ways in which we can help including identifying potential partners, screening the universe of available indications, treatments and pipeline products for successful new opportunities or helping you understand the risks and quantify the value of different business opportunities through due diligence assignments. These projects rely on the experience of our senior team, our network in the Business Development community and the local expertise and insights provided by our network of market-based associates.

We call on a comprehensive toolkit of methodologies and services to deliver these insights from gold standard research techniques to proprietary tools that we have developed ourselves.

Analyst & Vendor Reports
Existing Market Research
Historical Market Research

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Pipeline Analysis
Market Access
Forecast Modelling
Situational Analysis

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Quant Research
Payer Discussions
Simulation/Attribute Analysis
Qual IDI Research

KOL Ad Boards
Focus Groups
Payer Ad Boards

Scenario Planning

Uncertainty framework
Market access potential & price index