At groupH, we are constantly learning and challenging ourselves to provide greater insights in our work

Here is a selection of research and publications that give a flavour of topics and events that we found particularly interesting.

Not if but how – Impressions from Market Access for Cell & Gene Therapies, 18-19th October, London

26th October 2017/by Kate Bankhead

How accurate are long term sales forecasts?

27th September 2017/by Kate Bankhead

Will indication value-based pricing become a reality in Europe?

1st May 2016/by grandchef

Enhancing decision makers’ understanding of rare diseases – a case study

1st December 2015/by grandchef

The payers’ perspective on gene therapies: groupH details its study in Nature Biotechnology

10th September 2015/by grandchef

groupH’s strategic Market Access practice reports favourable payer views on novel long-acting injectables

1st March 2015/by grandchef

How groupH can assist in developing Market Access strategies

1st September 2014/by grandchef

Pharmaceutical forecasting: throwing darts or adding value?

1st November 2013/by grandchef

Maximizing the Value of Early Engagement Between Manufacturers, Payers and Regulators in Europe

1st November 2013/by grandchef

Manage your energy, not your time

1st July 2013/by grandchef

Keeping abreast of changing dynamics in the Japanese Pharma market

1st June 2013/by grandchef

Will new developments change the treatment paradigm in RA?

1st April 2013/by grandchef

Fresh approaches to visualising information

1st March 2013/by grandchef

Newcomers entering the anti-obesity market bring optimism, but face tough challenges

1st February 2013/by grandchef

A time for giving: Christmas 2012

1st December 2012/by grandchef

One way we are aiming to create shared value

1st November 2012/by grandchef

Eugene Tierney, former Head of Central Nervous System at Roche

1st September 2012/by grandchef

The New Role of Payer Advisory Boards in Shaping Clinical Development Preparation, Structure, Outcomes and Key Success Factors

1st February 2012/by grandchef