How we work with you

Tailored Solutions

The first stage of any project is to understand your needs but also the context within which you are working. This begins at the initial briefing where we aim to thoroughly understand your requirements and also the level of support or collaboration required. We then pull together the right team to meet your needs. Our working style can vary from project-to-project and client-to-client. Ultimately, we consider groupH an extension of your team to be used in the way that adds greatest value to your organisation.

Strong Foundations

All of groupH’s services are underpinned by a range of robust methodologies, trusted processes and analytical tools. We apply these on a project-by-project basis and tailor them to your specific needs. We constantly challenge ourselves to innovate and optimise our approach to stay at the forefront of best practice.

Broad Network

groupH works closely with a large network of key opinion leaders, physicians, and other industry stakeholders such as pharmacists & nurses. We also work with a carefully selected group of pricing specialists and senior payers in all key global markets. We enjoy in-depth discussions with these experts as it helps us to better understand your issues and adds ‘real-world’ insight and context to our analysis.

The team at groupH is different – when you give them a briefing, they don’t just follow it, they use their brains, absorb and digest it and come back with really constructive challenges before moving forward.
Chief Business Officer, Biotech firm