groupH is fortunate to attract and retain great people

The values we bring to every project

What unites us is a common set of values that underpins everything that we do. These values increase our commitment to working together in a thoughtful considered and creative way that ultimately allows us to add significant extra value for our clients.

Naturally, groupH complies with the letter and spirit of industry best practice. However, integrity for us goes much further – it’s what drove us to choose a sector where we can contribute to making a profound difference to people’s lives. It also means we are not afraid to ask challenging questions and deliver insights even if they are not always good news. And lastly, it means we think about our impact on the world.

At groupH, we bring structure and discipline to everything we do. This starts with understanding our clients’ needs, the calibre of the team we choose for a project, the way we conduct our research and the thought and care that goes into delivering our findings.

groupH’s organisational structure means we have the flexibility to bring together the right resources to meet a client’s needs and can move quickly to deliver results. It also means we stay on top of what is happening in our industry to spot opportunities.

Awareness reflects our commitment to building a deep understanding of the context within which we are operating as well as being aware of all experts of the environment within which we operate. This means we make sure we appreciate the needs of and challenges facing our clients. It also ensures we don’t make assumptions or pre-judge a situation.

It may sound obvious, but we operate in a highly connected world – starting with the increasingly complicated and interconnected stakeholder environment where patients, payers and physicians have a much more complex relationship than in times gone by. We reflect that in our research, but also in the way that we work – groupH offers a tightly knit team that can use its collective experience to provide the greatest possible insights for our clients in a timely and effective manner for our clients.