Kerstin Waterloh

Qualitative Research and Analysis

Kerstin Waterloh brings commercial insight based on over 20 years of international experience in consulting, contract manufacturing, strategic marketing, banking and venture capital. She is particularly interested in maintaining a strong understanding of the changing pricing & reimbursement environment.

Kerstin holds a BSc in Biochemistry and Pharmacology and a PhD in Molecular Biology from Southampton University as well as an MBA from Manchester Business School. She started her consulting career at The Wilkerson Group prior to heading IKB Private Equity’s activities in Life Sciences.

Kerstin is happiest when she can apply her analytical skills to identifying the market segments and USP that optimise an opportunity. She is expert at building a narrative that attracts the interest of financial investors and potential licensing partners or that best supports the opportunity in portfolio management reviews.

Based in the Bavarian countryside, Kerstin enjoys the contrast of her working life and family life. In her spare time, she can be found teaching the kids at her local fencing club or skiing down the slopes that she can see from her office window.