Lise Thomalla

Analysis & Forecasting

Lise Thomalla has a strong foundation in pharmaceutical forecasting techniques and spreadsheet modelling, and loves making simple analytical sense of complex data sets.

Lise is a trained Pharmacologist with over 20 years of industry experience, starting in Quality Control and Medicines Registration at Bioforce and then building a strong foundation in pharmaceutical market analysis and forecasting at IMS Health. She has built forecast models to cover opportunity assessments, new product launches, therapy area markets and company portfolio forecasts for due diligence purposes.

Lise has experience in all major pharmaceutical markets, including generics and OTC, particularly in biologicals, vaccines, orphan products and oncology.

Lise is truly an Excel “wizard”, and brings to the team a drive to simplify the user experience to facilitate easy interfacing with Excel, allowing the user to focus on modelling what if scenarios by changing assumptions. She has an eye for data and detail, which she employs to visualise trends on meaningful charts.

Lise is also an adventurer who has completed a banger car rally to Timbuktu, travelled the Trans-Siberian/Mongolian express and traversed much of the African continent, along with trips to South America and Europe, especially for snowboarding in the winter months and camping in the summer.