Melissa Townsend

Melissa Townsend is a highly experienced researcher with a particular strength in competitive intelligence (CI). She has tackled projects for both commercial and clinical development, delivering critical insights for urgent and expensive pipeline assessments as well as wider executive business decisions.

Whilst pursuing a degree in international business and marketing, Melissa developed a deep and practical knowledge of HUMINT and the intelligence cycle. Her early business experience was in building and running the operations division for a leading CI consultancy based in Switzerland before setting up her own CI research agency serving the needs of Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and biotech companies. More recently, she has focused on broader research delivering deep insights to her clients.

Melissa is inquisitive by nature with an exceptional drive to deliver results. With a natural gift for talking to people, Melissa is a natural interview moderator.

Melissa is now happily settled in a beautiful part of the US between two of the Great Lakes with a British husband enjoying all the remote wilderness of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has to offer. Melissa is most often found hiking in – and tending to – her many acres of wood with a perfect evening consisting of a quiet home-cooked dinner, reading or re-purposing her backlog of antique jewels.