Moritz Hillgenberg

Analysis and Forecasting

Moritz Hillgenberg is our German anchor. Experienced in biotech R&D, he’s also very commercially focused and benefits from an excellent understanding of the markets.

Moritz holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from Humboldt-University Berlin and an MBA from the Institute of Management Berlin. He entered the consulting field after 3 years as Chief Operations Officer for two affiliates of Berlin-based BDD/CCDRD Group, where he was responsible for the planning and coordination of several drug development projects. Prior to this he headed the R&D activities of Custos Biotechnologie GmbH. He also has several years of on-hand experience in R&D as a project leader in virus vector-based gene therapy.

Moritz is dedicated to delivering insights that both help clients to maximize the value of their assets and also bring innovation to those patients with the highest unmet needs. He takes a forensic approach to data analysis whilst distilling out the few key considerations that really drive the opportunity to deliver new insights that enable clients to make the right decisions.

Outisde work, Moritz loves visiting countries that are very different from the ‘Western’ world, using local transport to access remote areas, and then strolling around markets to discover unknown food produce, tasting local specialties, and collecting novel recipes for his growing ‘global hidden gem recipe collection’.