Sara Uttley

Having spent 15 years at AstraZeneca before taking the plunge into consulting, Sara’s clients really appreciate the fact that she has “walked in their shoes” and has a deep understanding of their needs and challenges.

A degree in Business Information Technology led to Sara spending the earlier part of her career digging out nuggets from primary and secondary data sources to inform pipeline, launched and mature brands across a number of therapeutic areas including Oncology, Infection, CV and CNS. More recently, she focused on the earlier stage assets, delivering commercial assessments that enabled internal stakeholders to drive business decisions.

Relentless yet diligent in her style, Sara enjoys nothing more than using her analytical expertise and curious, inquisitive nature to reduce a mass of information into the key insights that bring real depth and richness to research findings. She also relishes her core team role at the heart of groupH.

As a Mum of three, Sara expertly juggles her professional role with the challenges of family life. If not running round after her teenage children, Sara can be found running around one of her regular circuit training classes with the reward of a well deserved glass of wine!