ISPOR Conference “HEOR: A Transformative Force for Whole Health” Atlanta, 2024

The ISPOR 2024 conference in Atlanta is themed “HEOR: A Transformative Force for Whole Health”. Will this advocated, holistic approach to HEOR, which is conceptually not new, be reflected in future drug pricing?

In strategic forecasting, pricing and market access are key parameters. The Inflation Reduction Act has dominated the headlines on this topic since its introduction to the US in 2022. However, without much detail on its impact on net price being known yet, what can be learned from the initial negotiations?

No conference is without AI nowadays. What is the role of generative AI in Health HEOR and RWE? And, of course, Real World Data (RWD) and data analysis remain evergreen topics at ISPOR.

Key Takeaways

  • The benefits of a holistic approach to health are well accepted but value beyond the patient has yet to significantly and directly impact pricing and reimbursement decisions
  • The complexity emerging in IRA’s price-setting process was highlighted as CMS prepares for another round of negotiations
  • As generative AI continues to evolve, hurdles still have to be overcome before its transformative benefits can be realised
  • Integrating diverse RWD sources to create dependable and ethical evidence demands the overcoming of challenges in data accuracy, reliability and stakeholder communication

What we won’t forget from the conference

  • The IRA negotiation process and its likely outcome for manufacturers remains uncertain for now on many levels. However, for long term forecasting, a high-level, rule-of-thumb discount is needed for your forecast. groupH proposes to use an average rate of ~30% for the Medicare insured share of target patients from the year the IRA rebate might kick in onwards
  • RWD and HEOR remain evergreen topics. Important but only indirectly supporting key forecast assumptions
  • AI has also made its way to ISPOR. Its multitude of possible uses promise long term opportunity and transformation, but high validation and educational hurdles prevent any short term impact in market access or pricing & reimbursement
  • We note the continued, holistic approach to health that ISPOR has been advocating this year was expressed by numerous sessions focused on patient-centredness in research and decision making. But we also continue to watch how this approach will exactly
    translate to pricing negotiations in the long term

Please follow the link to a more detailed summary: EVENT SUMMARY

Summary is for long term forecasting specialists and strategic market access.

By Erik Holzinger, groupH, London and Keshalini Sabaratnam, London