2021 : groupH becomes carbon neutral

Since its inception in 2005 the virtual working model of groupH has meant our impact on the planet, due to emissions, has always been minimal.  Employees only travel for essential business and home-office working erases the need for a daily commute or a separate building infrastructure with its inherent energy needs.

We have now quantified our collective carbon output and negated all unavoidable emissions with investment in a carbon offset project.  Our 40t of annual carbon output are offset by supporting the Nuetech Solar Water Heater Program, which promotes the distribution of solar water heaters and technology throughout India.  The groupH effect on the global climate will thus remain neutral moving forward. View our certificate here.

Through this initiative groupH are sending a clear message that we have a desire to work together to build a more sustainable and better world for our colleagues, clients and the global community.



Seasons Greetings 2020

Much has been said about the extraordinary year that we have all experienced since March. Despite all the difficulties many have experienced, hardship in our industry has been relatively minimal but sadly, suffering due to Covid-19, is ongoing in particular in Low to Middle Income Countries with weak Healthcare systems.

As all communication has shifted online this year, and Zoom has become the place where everything happens, our Christmas card should not look any different. However, it is not that we would miss for a second having fewer Zoom meetings, so that we could have more personal interaction again with each other. A reason to look forward to the New Year, and to hopefully working with you again.

We would like to say thank you for your business, and your support, and hope that the days will turn quieter and more relaxing for everyone. We hope you and your family stay safe this holiday.

Finally, we would like to point to a little side project. We set up a groupH choir and put together a video recording of Silent Night, entirely virtually. This was less about winning the Christmas #1 spot but about anyone’s courage who participated. Please click here to listen to this 1 minute recording. We leave you with our best wishes for 2021.

A message from the directors – Covid 19 / groupH operating normally

Dear clients, friends and colleagues,

No doubt, everyone has been impacted by Covid-19 in more than one way and every week we learn more about the clinical impact of the virus and its impact on communities, the economy and livelihoods.

We anticipate that the situation of social distancing measures is here to stay until at least 2021 and that restrictions generally may be eased or tightened again depending on infection rates and potential second or third waves at a regional and local level. As most healthcare systems in the Western world are probably past the peak of the outbreak we now continue to engage in commercial strategy and primary research work. We observe that expert doctors and payers make themselves available again, with their insights and experience, without necessarily impacting on Healthcare system frontline staff.

However, delays are still possible as doctors transition to eliminate a backlog of patients and scheduled surgeries, depending on the indication. We have adapted our methodologies and approaches to the constraints of not being able to meet in person through effective online alternatives.

For further details please contact any of groupH’s directors and senior consultants.

We hope you stay safe and keep productive.

Best wishes,

Erik Holzinger, London

Iain Clark, Edinburgh

Morris Paterson, San Francisco

Seasons Greetings 2019

This year we looked to use the simplicity of a Japanese ensō drawing to describe what we do on a daily basis.

London-based artist, Yamuna Devi, created a circle from an improvised single brush stroke and placed different stages of our work anti-clockwise on this circle, describing our stages of work, including: market research, analysis, using different methods and approaches, developing insights, assessing and creating value in the process. The idea was to keep it simple but, at the same time, to convey a strong message with the use of the ensō technique and the translation into Japanese writing and calligraphy. It represents maximum focus at a distinct moment in time. Our [learning] circle is joined but not fully which leaves an opening for future seeds to be planted.

Wishing you a restful and peaceful end-of-the-year and positive, new beginnings for 2020.



groupH Christmas Celebration 2019

As 2019 draws to a close the groupH team came together to reconnect and reflect on another busy year.  It made for a truly special occasion to see colleagues from as far afield as San Francisco, Spain, Germany and Scotland in one place.  Our venue was the Cromwell Room in the historic and beautiful St Mary’s Church in Putney, where we were treated to a seafood and vegan feast provided by our very own private chef.

groupH wishes you all a Joyous Festive Season, and we look forward to serving you again in 2020.

groupH springtime gathering

Taking the EU part of groupH to the gorgeous Lake District during a wet and windy few days – we enjoyed an outdoor day, long walks and talks with almost no rain nevertheless, cosy pubs and good food.








groupH seasonal gathering 2018

At the close of a very busy last month of the year the groupH team got together at Berry Bros. & Rudd, Britain’s oldest wine and spirit merchant, in London’s St James’s. Deep underground in one of their cosy cellars, it was a great opportunity to connect with colleagues, old and new and to enjoy a selection of Old World wines for a couple of hours.

groupH wishes you all a Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays. We are closing our office for a short while to recharge our batteries and spend some time with family and friends.

We look forward to serving you again in 2019.

groupH family day picnic

groupH London capturing the late summer sunshine for its annual picnic.  This time, for the first time, on Richmond Green in Surrey.


Season’s Greetings 2017

Longing for time to browse through a book like ‘The Little Prince’ after a hectic December inspired this year’s End-of-Year card drawing by our London based designer, Yasmin El Saie. One line in the book reads: ‘Grown-ups never understand anything on their own, and it’s a nuisance for children to have to keep explaining things over and over again.’ – quite true we think! We hope you can allow some true magic to happen over the coming weeks.

While the odds of a White Christmas in London are rising, with San Francisco staying outside of this particular competition, we hope that your break wherever you are will be as you imagine and allow a good rest from a busy year before starting all over again in 2018.

Thank you to our existing customers for all the memorable moments and challenges you put in front of us that made our year special.

Best wishes from the groupH team.

Introducing Joy Mabon and groupH Inc.

groupH is pleased to announce that Joy Mabon has joined our core team.  She has been a valued colleague for a long time, and is now officially one of us.

Joy is a consultant with many years of experience designing and facilitating bespoke strategy workshops to support biopharmaceutical decision-making across a broad range of therapeutic areas. She is based in Toronto, and joins our established East Coast team.

Joy can be contacted on her mobile: 647-273-2609, or via email: joy.mabon@grouph.com

We are also pleased to announce that last year, we took the step of incorporating groupH in the US.  Morris made the move to California to set up groupH Inc., headquartered in San Francisco.

We are looking forward to being able to work more closely with our US clients, expanding our presence in the US, and building the groupH team on both the East and West Coasts.

To find out more about groupH Inc. and how we can help, please contact Morris Paterson directly on 415-969-1986 or via the new US office at 415-445-4623.

We wish Joy and groupH Inc. continued success!