New Directions in Forecasting – Roundtable at EphMRA 2018 in Basel, 27 June

The role of forecasting as a business function, or if used as a tool in and outside of Pharma / Device organisations, continues to evolve at a fast pace.  Ben Collins (Boehringer Ingelheim) and Erik Holzinger (groupH) are hosting a round-table discussion during this year’s annual EphMRA 2018 Conference in Basel, to open up a number of key topics to a wider audience, share views and develop a consensus as to which approach suits which business situation and leads to best possible outcomes.

1.    Organising the forecasting process across the Pharma organisation

  • Best Practice – How do central office and affiliates communicate and create consensus on assumptions?
  • What is the general process – Can vendors help? How?

2.    How to communicate strategic forecasts and illustrate uncertainties to senior management (does Monte Carlo simulation have a role here? If yes, how do you use it?)
3.    Early insights into the application of Behavioural Economics to the forecasting process
4.    Best Practice – Required granularity and scope in forecasting strategic pipeline and in-licensing assets: US + RoW?

The conference also includes a number of papers on related topics covering different case studies on the use of collaborative software for forecasting within multi-national organisations and novel approaches to data analytics in auto-immune diseases using Electronic Medical Records to augment traditional primary research.

Please join them to rub shoulders with leading experts in the industry, get inspired by the use of novel ground-breaking technologies and join the discussion on the current state and future direction of this important business function.

Click for conference website and registration, click for the full conference programme.

If this is of interest please let us know, and we will ensure you have a place at the table.