New Directions in Forecasting – Roundtable at EphMRA 2019 in Warsaw, 26 June

Following the success of the inaugural session in Basel last year, Erik Holzinger (groupH) will once again be hosting a round-table discussion during this year’s annual EphMRA 2019 Conference in Warsaw.  The purpose is to open up a number of key topics to a wider audience, share views and develop a consensus as to which approach suits which business situation and leads to the best possible outcomes.

This year’s topics include:

  1. US Long Term Outlook on Rx Spending
  2. US Pricing Gross – Net
  3. Rx Patient Share – EphMRA Meta-Analysis Project Draft
  4. Forecasting Clinic – Ask your peers at the Round table!

This hour-long round table will discuss the long-term prospects and risks affecting the Rx market of the country that most impacts EU Pharma prosperity: the US. Briefing materials will illustrate the widening gap between gross and net pricing in the US and discuss the associated challenges for forecasters to remain ‘conservative’. The meeting will also discuss the current draft-outline of the EphMRA-Forecasting-Forum-Meta-Analysis-Project and look for further input and refinement. Last but not least, we reserve some time for a Forecasting Clinic. Bring any burning questions, topics or issues concerning Forecasting and Data Analytics and gather informal feedback from your peers in the room.

Join us to rub shoulders with leading experts in the industry, get inspired and join the discussion on the current state and future direction of this important business function.

Click for conference website and registration, click for the full conference programme.

If this is of interest please let us know, and we will ensure you have a place at the table