Season’s Greetings 2017

Longing for time to browse through a book like ‘The Little Prince’ after a hectic December inspired this year’s End-of-Year card drawing by our London based designer, Yasmin El Saie. One line in the book reads: ‘Grown-ups never understand anything on their own, and it’s a nuisance for children to have to keep explaining things over and over again.’ – quite true we think! We hope you can allow some true magic to happen over the coming weeks.

While the odds of a White Christmas in London are rising, with San Francisco staying outside of this particular competition, we hope that your break wherever you are will be as you imagine and allow a good rest from a busy year before starting all over again in 2018.

Thank you to our existing customers for all the memorable moments and challenges you put in front of us that made our year special.

Best wishes from the groupH team.