A message from the directors – Covid 19 / groupH operating normally

Dear clients, friends and colleagues,

No doubt, everyone has been impacted by Covid-19 in more than one way and every week we learn more about the clinical impact of the virus and its impact on communities, the economy and livelihoods.

We anticipate that the situation of social distancing measures is here to stay until at least 2021 and that restrictions generally may be eased or tightened again depending on infection rates and potential second or third waves at a regional and local level. As most healthcare systems in the Western world are probably past the peak of the outbreak we now continue to engage in commercial strategy and primary research work. We observe that expert doctors and payers make themselves available again, with their insights and experience, without necessarily impacting on Healthcare system frontline staff.

However, delays are still possible as doctors transition to eliminate a backlog of patients and scheduled surgeries, depending on the indication. We have adapted our methodologies and approaches to the constraints of not being able to meet in person through effective online alternatives.

For further details please contact any of groupH’s directors and senior consultants.

We hope you stay safe and keep productive.

Best wishes,

Erik Holzinger, London

Iain Clark, Edinburgh

Morris Paterson, San Francisco