Forecasting & Data Analytics – highly informative webinars to help you during and beyond COVID-19

Forecasting is increasingly challenging in our new world and as part of the EphMRA conference this year, Erik Holzinger will be co-chairing two webinars discussing different aspects of forecasting and data analytics.  These webinars will help you during these uncertain times, and there are some outstanding speakers who will share their expertise, so please join us.

Tuesday 23rd June – 09.00 UK time – China Forecasting – Primary Market Research in China, Market Access and Overcoming Other Challenges in Forecasting

Richard Goosey and Julia Liu from Kantar Health and will provide an insight into the following:

  1. An overview of the regulation changes in China
  2. How the evolution of policies in recent years are mainly to control cost
  3. How regulatory trends on market access have predominantly a positive impact on patients access to medication
  4. The impact of COVID-19
  5. What does the future look like
  6. How do these regulations impact pharma sales

Tuesday 23rd June – 09.40 UK time – How AI is (not) changing demand planning

Sven Crone, Lecturer at Lancaster University Management School, will share his expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), focusing on its limitations in planning.

AI/ML reign high on the Gartner hype cycle, promising new business models, and capturing the imagination of many Pharma executives well outside the digital industries of Facebook, Google and Uber. However, despite dozens of Proof-of-Concept studies in demand planning, AI/ML is struggling to prove significant increases in planning accuracy. One limiting factor, we will argue, is that the underlying data is fundamentally different. After a very brief introduction into AI/ML we will explore the fundamental difference in data between image/voice/video recognition and typical pharmaceutical demand planning, where we data size and data labels are often very sparse. As this limits the benefit of the AI/ML algorithms of Google & co, we will show a case study where we have enhanced datasets in demand panning and thus showed promise in using AI/ML for Janssen (a Johnson & Johnson company).


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