Supply Chain Forecasting Webinar July 2023

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Following recent global events, the topic of Supply Chain has never been far from the news, even covering the pharmaceutical industry. Richard Murgatroyd has a long track record in global, commercial forecasting in both industry and agency and focused in particular on global long-range Supply Chain planning for pharma products during the past 9 years. He transitioned from being a ‘gamekeeper’ to becoming a ‘poacher’ of forecasts as he puts it. Richard will explain in general terms some of the principles of Supply Chain planning, as well as how he uses long-term volume forecasts in practice to plan manufacturing capacities. He will illustrate how demand forecasts and SC plans support decision making in the short- and long-term and also touch on some measures of reliability as from his old gamekeeper role Richard is very aware of inherent uncertainties in long term forecasting.

Both member and non-member companies can attend.

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