Post CoVID-19: a new normal for carbon emissions in Pharma Market Research?

During the CoVID lockdown, have you thought to yourself: wow, our industry’s carbon emissions must have gone down dramatically? Would you be curious to find out by just how much? Erik Holzinger will be chairing a webinar by Bors Hulesch, of Brains & Cheek, looking at this very issue.

Tuesday 6th October – 15.00 – 15.40 UK time – Post CoVID-19: a new normal for carbon emissions in Pharma Market Research?

The sustainability team at Brains & Cheek, an EphMRA agency member, was conducting a carbon audit of the pharma market research industry, just before the lockdown kicked in. Now they are in the process of collecting the same data for the lockdown period, so that they can compare the two data sets. As part of this talk, you will also be treated to some modelling scenarios: what would it look like if we returned to business as usual, and what if there were a second wave of Coronavirus. At the end of the talk, you will be invited to share your views on how the pharma market research industry should move forward on carbon emissions, based on the data presented.

If you are involved in business sustainability or corporate social responsibility (or just concerned for the future of our planet!), this talk should be of interest, so please join us.

This webinar is free to attend, but only available to EphMRA members. Click here to register

Please register at least 30 minutes in advance in order to receive approval and join.