Introducing Joy Mabon and groupH Inc.

groupH is pleased to announce that Joy Mabon has joined our core team.  She has been a valued colleague for a long time, and is now officially one of us.

Joy is a consultant with many years of experience designing and facilitating bespoke strategy workshops to support biopharmaceutical decision-making across a broad range of therapeutic areas. She is based in Toronto, and joins our established East Coast team.

Joy can be contacted on her mobile: 647-273-2609, or via email:

We are also pleased to announce that last year, we took the step of incorporating groupH in the US.  Morris made the move to California to set up groupH Inc., headquartered in San Francisco.

We are looking forward to being able to work more closely with our US clients, expanding our presence in the US, and building the groupH team on both the East and West Coasts.

To find out more about groupH Inc. and how we can help, please contact Morris Paterson directly on 415-969-1986 or via the new US office at 415-445-4623.

We wish Joy and groupH Inc. continued success!