ephmra Annual Conference 2022 – The Devil’s Advocate Tool – A calculated Approach to Peak-Patient-Share and Competitor Analysis

Realistic net-prices and peak-patient-shares are key requirements for providing early commercial direction for assets whose clinical profile might not yet been finalised. Early to mid-stage commercial decision-making benefits from specialised tools that have been specifically developed for this purpose.

During the past year groupH developed an evidence-based Peak-Patient-Share tool (a.k.a. the Devil’s Advocate Tool) that was presented at the ephmra (European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association) Conference 2022.

The tool is now available and free-to-use on groupH’s website:

  • ‘Devil’s Advocate’ Tool, allows for quick analysis of the pipeline and a high-level estimate of the peak share potential of new products.

The requirement for the tool and its methodology is described in a comprehensive and downloadable guide document – groupH ephmra Paper

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5 mins video summary on Devil’s Advocate Tool