EU Payer Opinion on Assessing Value in Rare Diseases

groupH asked senior EU payers to comment on how they assess Value in Rare Diseases and how it is different from more prevalent indications.

Click below to watch one of the interviews, with Bruno Falissard.  Bruno is a former member of the Transparency Commission at HAS, Psychiatrist and Biostatistician, and Head of Research Unit Inserm U669 on Eating Disorders in Teenagers.


Eugene Tierney, former Head of Central Nervous System at Roche

We were very privileged to speak to Eugene Tierney, formerly head of CNS at Roche, in September 2012 at Somerset House in central London. Somerset House seemed to be a more than fitting location for this conversation – a neo-classical building dating back to the 15th century, it sits between the Strand and the River Thames and is now an inspiring place for art, culture and creative exchange. It hosted the Brazilian delegation for the recent London Olympics and provides a home for a wide variety of businesses and organisations. It also acts as a platform for many visual and performing arts organisations with the aim of letting people collaborate in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Eugene, having a psychology background and many years in-depth experience in sales, marketing and R&D management, shared some interesting views and insights into the current CNS space with us.

We have put together our discussions into 5 easy-to-digest short videos.


Visit the groupH vimeo channel to see more videos