ephmra’ s Webinar: Inflation-Reduction-Act (IRA) – What is the Commercial Impact?

Wednesday, 29 November 2023 at 16:00 UK (17:00 CET)

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The Inflation-Reduction-Act (IRA) from 2022 is meant to curb US drug pricing for Medicare without directly impacting on the idea of free-pricing, which seems to be a principle very sacrosanct to the US market as a whole. Will the IRA achieve its objectives? How is the industry responding? What impact will the IRA have on your forecast assumptions? This forecasting forum will start with a briefing on what the IRA is, which challenges it is aimed to tackle and which impact it is likely to have on the industry generally and on forecasting assumptions specifically.

About the speaker:

Erik Holzinger is the founder of groupH a Consulting company dedicated to commercial decision making and analysis. Erik is also active as member of the ephmra Annual Conference Organizing Committee and co-founder of the ephmra Forecasting Forum. Over 25 years Erik has been exploring and refining the approach to commercial forecasting and decision making in particular in the early stages of product development. In October 2023 groupH published a white-paper and free-to-use online tool on the IRA in order to help understanding its long term impact and its impact on day-to-day forecasting. Erik’s mother tongue is German and he is fluent in English and Spanish and lives in South-West London with his family.

Target audience: Insights Analysts, Forecasters, Marketeers and Value Leads who need to understand which factors and events will impact on their revenue forecast positively or negatively.

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