groupH in 2015 and beyond…

This year, we reached a big milestone – groupH turned 10 years old. In case you missed it, our visual communicators Michael and Marcelle put together a short video – the story of groupH as a retrospective.

Turning Ten

In addition to the many thousands of PowerPoint slides, countless spreadsheets and hundreds of physician, payer and patient interviews performed this year we also visited BIO-EUROPE and the ISPOR Market Access conference. In case you missed them, click here for Nicolas Touchot’s high-level thoughts on Affordability vs. Cost Effectiveness, together with other food for thought items on market access. We will continue integrating market access into all commercial work we do. Ever earlier, ever deeper, ever closer together and, wherever possible, also broader: getting doctor, payer and patient views together into one project. For 2016 we will be expanding our organisation further. Watch this space.


Whether virtually working together or not, it is the people who are the basis of any venture. You only know who you and your colleagues really are when stepping outside your day-to-day comfort zone. And what could be more outside our comfort zone than composing and singing a song for a music video? Many involved in groupH met at an East London music studio on a sunny Friday in October voluntarily. The words had been written a few weeks earlier in the South of France in the back of a cab returning from a meeting. We swapped PowerPoint and Excel for our vocal cords and a few instruments on the day of recording – no rehearsals. This was not team building at all – we wanted to genuinely create a song and see how far we might get in the process. How we did, is documented in this video. We hope that seeing us so far from our professional comfort zones will help you to get to know us a little better!

Enhancing decision makers’ understanding of rare diseases – a case study

In the process of assessing novel healthcare opportunities, groupH recognises that the clearest picture comes from understanding the viewpoint of all stakeholders involved. By triangulating input from patients, healthcare providers and payers, we can provide the most granular and robust insights to best inform decision making and understanding from all stakeholders in value dossiers and payer discussions.

In collaboration with Gensight¸ we are happy to share the results of our innovative patient research conducted with sufferers of Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON) and their caregivers. The findings of our research were presented at ARVO (1).

LHON is a rare condition which leads to blindness and disability in teens and young adults. It is a disease not well known to payers. In fact, since treatment is spread across regional treatment centres and not concentrated in Centres of Excellence, the disease is not even that well known to many specialist doctors. In cases such as these, the perceptions of patients are vital to shed light on the key unmet needs associated with the condition, as well as to understanding what measures would most improve the quality of life of patients and their caregivers.

groupH conducted creative and engaging focus groups across the US and Europe, with results illustrating the impact of the disease on the lives of patients and their families presented in poster format for scientific publication.

Please click here to view the results in Scientific Poster format as PDF.

Please click here to view the results in Word document format as PDF.

1 Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON): a qualitative study on the experiences and hopes of patients and caregivers. Presented at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Annual Meeting 2015.