groupH’s Guide to EPHMRA 2024

Since groupH become more actively involved in EPHMRA at around 2018, it has been the quality of the papers that stood out for us. This does not only apply to market research in general but also to forecasting, data analytics and commercial decision making specifically. This year, again, a number of quality papers and events focusing on commercial topics have made it through the meticulous EPHMRA screening process. Here is our pick of papers not to be missed if you are attending or planning to attend EPHMRA 2024


Monday 12.45 – 17.00 AI Workshop

Speaker: Dr Andrée Bates.

Convenors: Stephen Potts, Purdie Pascoe and Elizabeth Kehler, Adelphi Research


Monday 12.45 – 17.00 Forecasting for Non-Forecasters – Challenge & Defend your Forecast, Create Value

Training: Delivered by Erik Holzinger, Alan Swindells from groupH


Tuesday 16.45 – 17.40 Organising the Forecasting Process in Large Organisations – A Panel Discussion

Panel Participants: Daniel Perret – GSK, Nich Guthrie – Boehringer Ingelheim, Vijay Pillai – Bayer, Simon Wright – BMS Arijit Mukhopadhyay – Merck Healthcare

Convenor: Erik Holzinger – groupH Limited


Tuesday 18.00 – 19.30 Welcome Drinks/Networking, Forecasting Forum + Data Analytics Forum

Venue: Leonardo St Paul’s Hotel. The welcome drinks are included in your delegate fee.


Wednesday 9.05 – 9.40 High-Power Patient Involvement: Using Choice Modelling to Inform Forecasting / Uptake

Speaker: Ludwig von Butler, SurveyEngine

Convenor: Simon Fitall, Tudor Health


Wednesday 14.40 – 15.25 Applying a ‘human’ approach to strategy development – co-creating a road map for customer engagement

Speakers: Hannah Potter, STRAT7 Incite and Lucy Mitchell, Jazz Pharma

Convenor: Geoff Birkett


Thursday 9.50 – 10.25 Optimizing launch readiness by embedding the COM-B behavioral science framework: From theory to practice

Speakers: Weike Xia, SKIM and Nassima Trad, BMS

Convenor: Sarah Phillips, IQVIA


Thursday 11.10 – 12.00 Analogues in Forecasting – Bread & Butter or Marmite? A Panel Discussion

Panel Participants: Manuel Guzman, APLUSA, Erik Holzinger, groupH and Arijit Mukhopadhyay, Merck Healthcare

Convenor: Simon Fitall, Tudor Health.


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Erik Holzinger, groupH, Founder & Director

The groupH Team

Organising the Forecasting Process in Large Organisations

Join groupH at the EPHMRA 2024 Conference


Erik Holzinger, Director, groupH will be convening at the following EVENT

Date: Tuesday, 25th of June 2024, 16:45 – 17:40h

Location: Leonardo Royal London, 10 Godliman St, London EC4V 5AJ

This session will delve into the complexities and best practices of managing forecasting processes in large-scale enterprises. Our panel of experts will share their experiences, challenges, and innovative solutions to organise the forecasting process, enhance accuracy and efficiency in forecasting and achieve organisational alignment.

Panel Highlights:

  • Panel members: Boehringer Ingelheim, BMS, Bayer and Merck KGaA and GSK contributing
  • Streamlining data integration and analysis
  • Leveraging technology for better forecasting
  • Collaborating across departments for unified insights
  • Addressing common pitfalls and overcoming obstacles

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and connect with industry leaders!

About Erik Holzinger, groupH:

Erik founded groupH back in 2005 in London with a big vision but starting as a one-man-band working together with several trusted and like-minded associates. He enjoyed commercial analysis and decision making and had a passion to create a unique working environment that enabled talented and self-driven people to happily go the extra-mile for their clients. This philosophy underpins groupH’s vision to this day.

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The groupH Team