ephmra 2023 Annual Conference London

Join groupH at the 2023 ephmra Annual Conference, 27-29 June 2023.
Erik Holzinger, Director, groupH will be convening and speaking at the following roundtables.

Launching products that make a real difference – the critical role of MR insights and BI
27th June, 15:50 – 16:30 UK
Convenor: Erik Holzinger (groupH)
Geoff Birkett (Ensysce Biosciences)

Beyond the buzzword: can behavioral science improve pharma forecasts?
28th June, 14:40 – 15:15 UK

Convenor: Erik Holzinger (groupH)
Speakers: Ivo Moes (Skim) / Celine Talon (Skim)

Drug forecasts based on mathematical models are helpful in informing market strategies and mitigating some of the uncertainties of drug development. However, these mathematical forecast models tend to come with some margin of error. While it remains difficult to predict outcomes of clinical trials, human behavior contributes to this error margin as well. During this roundtable we invite industry and agency representatives to engage in a group discussion on whether behavioral science models could be leveraged to improve the accuracy of forecasting, what methods are already being applied, or what such methods could look like.

TPP Design in Qualitative and Quantitative Primary Market Research
28th June, 15:50 – 16:25 UK
Speakers: Erik Holzinger (groupH) / Okke Engelsma (Cerner Enviza)

Every minute in qualitative physician and payer interviews is very precious. Doctor’s attention span remains finite while typically discussion guides tend to grow ever longer. The core part of the discussion is often an in-depth assessment of a TPP whereby other topics and questions on disease environment may precede this part almost as a warm-up. TPPs are typically shared online with only a few minutes available for the doctor or payer to read and understand its content. What are the key factors to keep in mind when designing a high-quality TPP for this situation? What is involved in preparation and in maximising TPP clarity and meaningfulness? Sharing experiences of 25 years of qualitative PMR in a group discussion.

About Erik Holzinger, groupH:

Erik founded groupH back in 2005 in London with a big vision but starting as a one-man-band working together with several trusted and like-minded associates. He both enjoyed commercial analysis and decision making and had a passion to create a unique working environment that enabled talented and self-driven people to happily go the extra-mile for their clients. This philosophy underpins groupH’s vision to this day.

Erik’s early career started in Big Pharma and Generics Marketing at Hoechst in South America. His Cranfield MBA led him to The Wilkerson Group, which was at that time the leading consultancy for Opportunity Assessment work. It is there, and later at Wood Mackenzie, that Erik deepened his understanding of the factors that drive the commercial success of early-stage novel therapeutics. This understanding has been refined over the years to reflect the ever-greater needs of doctors, payers and patients. He has worked across broad oncology and CV indications but also in rare diseases and for regenerative therapies requiring new market access models.

Whether it is knowing the right people for your project, discussing your asset in-depth with doctors or payers, analysing product pipelines, or teaching a yoga class after work or on weekends, Erik is interested as much in the detail as in big picture. This insight helps to put early to mid-stage products onto the right path. It also enables him to support his team and clients who are operating in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. Family life and playing hide & seek with his young daughter balances the daily stresses of work challenges.

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