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Prof. Paul Goodwin presenting at ephmra’s Forecasting Forum November 11th, 2022

ephmra is delighted to host Professor Paul Goodwin Emeritus Professor and renowned speaker in Forecasting and Decision Analysis, on November 11th at 1:00 UK pm at the ephmra Forecasting Forum. Prof. Goodwin will introduce the topic of Possibility Theory/Fuzzy Forecasting to the ephmra audience for discussion. Chair of the event @Erik Holzinger/groupH To join, please […]

Meet us in Leipzig, Germany at BIO-Europe: 24 – 26 October 2022

groupH’s director, Erik Holzinger, will be attending BIO-Europe – starting by joining BiotechBikers event and Sunday’s Networking Reception. If you wish to discuss partnering or business opportunities in early to mid-stage commercial decision-making and product development, please email erik.holzinger@grouph.com or use the event’s partneringOne platform to arrange a meeting. We look forward to meeting with […]

ephmra Annual Conference 2022 – The Devil’s Advocate Tool – A calculated Approach to Peak-Patient-Share and Competitor Analysis

Realistic net-prices and peak-patient-shares are key requirements for providing early commercial direction for assets whose clinical profile might not yet been finalised. Early to mid-stage commercial decision-making benefits from specialised tools that have been specifically developed for this purpose. During the past year groupH developed an evidence-based Peak-Patient-Share tool (a.k.a. the Devil’s Advocate Tool) that […]