2014 … a year in 2 min 14 sec (Behind-the-scenes commentary)

‘Can I discuss an idea with you perhaps tomorrow? It’s difficult to write this in an e-mail but easier to discuss or brainstorm by phone potentially… are you around?’

Erik had this idea in mind for a different Christmas card this year.

‘Can we show what groupH does through the means of movement and dance? Can we find a way to explain science through arts? Conceptual, abstract and minimal.’

A team of 14 got together and started develop this challenging and beautiful idea in mid-October.

What can we do? How can we show what we do as a team to support each other? Are we aware that our work directly impacts patients’ life? How can we work better to improve how others feel?

The dance piece presented here was developed in collaboration with composers, cinematographers, contemporary dancers and multidisciplinary artists based in London.

With concepts such as ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘support’, it tries to reproduce the team work present at groupH. The team is a vehicle between the real world and the mind. The colours of the dancers costumes represent heart (red), brain (white) and legs (black). The also represent groupH identity. The masking tape is a visual metaphor for the data that travels across the team and outside the team, the individual’s thoughts and the team’s thoughts; and how all these ideas connect through the tape. With teamwork, the tape becomes a plaster. The plaster is an image of a patient getting help.

A visual story about arts and science working together. A story about the balance between thinking, doing and delivering. About helping each other to contribute towards a result that will hopefully improve people’s lives.

This is a representation, a process starting from one single point, diverging, broadening at mid-point coming together again and ending all again in one point (‘diamond shaped project process’), a dynamical system ‘thinking outside the box’.


Can I have some masking tape please? Sure… how many? 365 rolls please. Blimey! 365? That’s a lot of masking tape!

Music + Costume Design

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes the whole orchestra to play it.


The Buckle Factory Warehouse, North London, 3rd Dec 2014

You can view the video here.

A time for giving: Christmas 2012

This Christmas, as in previous years, we have made donations to our chosen charities.

We are supporting the UK charity Action MS.  Action MS maintains a highly successful fund-raising programme that supports research into multiple sclerosis, and an extensive range of care and support services to people and families living with MS. In addition, this year we have added The Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston to our list.

Both charities support research into serious, often incurable diseases – areas we have worked on extensively, and continue to do so.

Action MS was founded by a family member of our core team in the UK, and their family has had an active involvement in fundraising and volunteering for many years.

Also, we’re branching out and doing much more business in the US now. We thus felt it important to try to impact on the community over there too, not just take their business. Since a fair share of our work is in the oncology area, and is conducted by groupH associates in the Boston area, we are supporting the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.  Please take a look at our November 2012 post for our views and rationale on charitable giving, as part of our wider aspiration to create shared value.

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